Report of the works conducted on the Algar dos Alecrineiros

The Núcleo de Amigos das Lapas Grutas e Algares presents the results of the works carried out in the Alecrineiros shaft. The result consists on a small summary of the works conducted on the cave, topography of the shaft (also available in jpg) and an article on the cavity speleogenesis (also available in pdf). This page is also available on a Portuguese version, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Aspect of the second well (P22)

The Alecrineiros shaft although being for a long time known by the portuguese speleological community, lacked, as much as we know a published topography, as well as a study, even that preliminary, on its genesis. It was the intention of filling this gap that motivated us to undertake the works described on this page.

The works conducted were mostly on the scope of the cave topography and geologic survey.

Topographical survey

The topography and exploration of the Alecrineiros shaft were carried out in 4 activities by the Núcleo de Amigos das Lapas, Grutas e Algares and the Associação de Espeleólogos de Sintra – AES. The activities took place in the following dates: 23/12/06, 13/02/07, 17/02/07 and 25/03/07. For the record, the activity of 17/02/07 was conducted on the scope of the AES anniversary celebrations.

The largest part of the work was carried out by the following companions: Afonso Vargas Loureiro (NALGA), Elisabete Dias (NALGA), Paulo Almeida (NALGA), Paulo Rodrigues (NALGA) and Pedro Robalo (NALGA/AES).

We take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all the members of other speleological associations that participated, by the time of the anniversary of the AES, in the works of exploration and topography. There names and associations are as following: Marco Costa – Núcleo de Espeleologia da Associação Académica da Universidade de Aveiro – NEUA e Miguel Pessoa – Núcleo de Espeleologia de Condeixa – NEC.

We would like to thank all the AES support in the accomplishment of these works.

District: Leiria, Concelho: Porto-de-Mós, Freguesia: S. Bento
UTM Coordinates (Datum WGS84): 29S 516098, 4374283
Altitude of the cave’s entrance: 540m.


The cave topography was performed mostly by using a Taden compass and clinometer, manufactured by Suunto, a class III fibre glass metric ribbon and a Hilti laser distance meter.
Difference in high= -71m, Highest point=0 m, Lowest point=-71m
Total development = 213m, Horizontal Development=69m.
A topography exemplar (jpg format) can be downloaded clicking here.
In the deepest zone of the cave, it was felt a current of air that led us to make a small clearing in the bottom of the small room terminal, after we removed some blocks at the bottom of the room was made possible to discovered a passage to a shaft with 12m, that needs to be enlarge for possible exploration. The NALGA is already preparing a next campaign in partnership with various associations.

A full article on the Alecrineiros shaft speleogenesis (Portuguese version only) can be downloaded by clicking on the following link. artigo_alecrineiros.pdf


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